The Teacher training Course follows the holistic approach of the Integral Yoga. This system has been used though the ages in the tradition of the Siddhas and Nath Yogis. In the early 20th century it has been made accessible by the great Yoga master Swami Sivananda Saraswati.

In this system body, senses, emotions, energy, mind, intellect and ego are regarded as a whole. To promote a healthy, harmonious spiritual development, we have to treat all these aspects with the same care and consideration.

In the training we will teach you the practical and theoretical aspects of:


Hatha Yoga

The system of Hatha Yoga the body is highly regarded. Because we can tangibly experience the body while performing the exercises, it offers a very quick access to the practice of transformation. The Nath Yogis also see the body as one of the best and fastest path to enlightenment.

In this course you will experience Hatha Yoga as a path to perfect physical, mental and emotional health. Next to learning the correct way to perform the physical postures (Asanas) we will strongly emphasize breathing exercises and breath control. Through this practice you will become more aware of the subtle life-energy (prana) and learn how to increase and direct its flow. After cleansing the physical, energetic and emotional systems, we will start to awaken and raise the mystic energy (kundalini Shakti), to prepare the mind for the state of transcendence.

On a more practical note, you will learn about sequencing Yoga classes for different settings:

  • beginners – advanced
  • Chair Yoga

A good Yoga class strongly depends on the experience level of the teacher. This is why we lay great emphasis on teaching methodology and will help practice instructing from the get-go.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is often described as the Yoga of meditation. In its practical application though, will show you, that Hatha and Raja Yoga turn out to be one. We will learn and practice meditation techniques from the Yoga, Zen and Christian tradition, to give you different possibilities to calm, focus and uplift the mind.

Nada Yoga

The science of Nada Yoga utilizes the strong influence music and sound have on the mind. In the Nada Yoga philosophy, it is said, that all of creation is in state of vibration. To reach back to/experience our divine origin, we just have to learn how to fine-tune mind and perception. We will learn how to use the voice as an instrument, to perceive vibration/energy on a finer and finer level of initiation.

Mantra Yoga

Mantras are highly precise word and sound combinations, which have been perceived by the seers and yogis. Each mantra holds its own power and effect. Reciting mantras correctly for an extended period of time has highly beneficial effects on the energetic, mental and karmic field of the practitioner.

Gian (oder Jnana) Yoga

The prerequisites for spiritual (and worldly) progress are right discrimination (f.e. which path to follow? Where is my duty?) and equanimity/contentment. We will dive deep into the practice and scriptures of Gian Yoga, to purify and strengthen the intellectual capacity and gain a clearer vision of life’s purpose.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is the path to God through devotion and purity of heart. You will learn how to experience, distinguish and utilize your emotions as a means for spiritual growth and liberation.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the practice of dedicating your actions to God and the upliftment of all beings. It teaches us, that we as individual and as society can only grow and flourish, if we see ourselves as part of a whole with all of creation, as one living being. Practicing Karma Yoga helps to develop unshakable faith in God and experience that you are always protected and taken care off.


Through studying the human anatomy and physiology you will develop a deep reverence and connection to the divine creator. To better understand the miracle of the human body helps you, to pay more attention to its maintenance, to perform the Yogapostures more precisely, to better understand patterns in your students movements and to be more efficient in your instructions. We will study about the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, organs and senses.

Yoga as a Business

The profession of Yoga-Sharing is a blessing in itself! We are allowed to share our own beautiful, uplifting experiences with others, witness how the students will be uplifted and transformed and still get paid for it. Again, what a blessing. The management aspect of running a successful Yoga business seems to be very elusive to a lot of Yoga teachers though, often burdened by a moral misunderstanding about the “money-aspect”.

We will show you, how to set up your business effectively, so that you have more energy left to fully focus on sharing this wonderful science.