The training is under the spiritual guidance of Ishanath Marcel Anders-Hoepgen. He formulated the curriculum, directs the intensive retreats and supervises the assistant teachers and students throughout the training.

We use several methods of training you:

Weekly classes:

These classes offer:

  • Regularity in practice
  • A protected space for your unfoldment
  • Regular contact with your Yoga Teacher
  • Repetition of the learned techniques (practice makes perfect!)

The weekly classes are an amazing support to make Yoga part of your daily life.


Some of the gifts you receive here are:

  • You are away from your daily routines
  • You can fully focus on your Yoga experience
  • You will recharge and gain tons of energy
  • You will experience the beauty of being part of a larger Yoga community
  • You will be in contact with a Yoga Master

In these retreats Ishanath Marcel Anders-Hoepgen will initiate you into techniques that can only be taught by a Master. He will assist you, in breaking through energetic blockages and uplift your experience of consciousness to a new level. The power of a Master lies in being able to share parts of his own experience of transcendence/enlightenment.

  • We will get together in online meetings and webinars, to continue spiritual discourses.