About us

About us

The Yoga Bridge has its origin in the tradition of the Siddhas and Nath Yogis. Our mission is to bring light to the world, uplift consciousness and connect the hearts of all beings.

We dedicate the teaching and practice of Yoga as a service to humanity and a praise to God in all his/her forms and names.

Our goal is to reconnect Beings of all origin, race, religion and faith, to collectively experience the divine on earth again.

Founder Ishanath Marcel Anders-Hoepgen is an internationally renowned Yoga master, Mystic, Author and Inspirational Speaker. 2004 he has been awarded the title “Yoga Master”. 2016 he was invited into the tradition of Nath-Yogis, where was initiated into the state of “Paramahamsa-Nath” in 2017. His teaching is precise and alive. Ishanath strives to show a simple and easy applicable path to uplift consciousness.

Marcel has a diverse background, which began with strong role models as parents.  From his father, who was a preacher, and his mother, who studied naturopathic medicine, he was exposed to meditation and relaxation practices early on.

He obtained a Master of Arts in Music from Music College Cologne, and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Kaiserslautern. He became an accomplished musician recording two albums and performing in over 400 concerts, which he coordinated and arranged himself.

Having a successful career as a guitarist took its toll on Marcel’s hand causing pain and discomfort. Marcel returned to his roots and used meditation and yoga to improve the condition of his hand. Experiencing the true power of meditation and yoga Marcel immersed himself fully in the practice and teaching of this ancient science. After studying with Yoga Master Shri Yogi Hari over twelve years, he obtained Yoga Master status, published seven books and released 15 CDs and eight DVDs on yoga, meditation and healthy living with a German publisher.

His intense practice and deep experience of the depth of Yoga reflect in his teachings and helps students to overcome obstacles in their own practice faster.

“Being able to teach Yoga is surely one of the biggest blessings, I have received in this life. It fills my heart with joy to see how this divine system uplifts and empowers others. And I have not met a single person who did not benefit from practicing Yoga, even just a few minutes here and there.

I feel honored to be able to present my understanding and experience of Yoga. I know that you will experience a new state of physical, mental and emotional health when you put this step by step system into practice. It is truly a joyful path.”

Our Teachers

Aspects of Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a system practiced and transmitted by the Nath Yogis over the millennia. It serves to strengthen and recover the body and shows a way to master the life energy (Prana) through the control of the breath, whereby the state of transcendence (enlightenment) is achieved.

Meditation is, when the effort of concentration ceases and the mind flows uninterruptedly to the object of concentration. We offer you a step by step way of purifying and strengthening the mind and building the power of concentration, so that the state of meditation can arise easily.

Mantras are sound formulas that generate specific energy structures. They help to release energetic and karmic blockages and to uplift the mind. Music and sound have a very strong influence on the mind, which is why the yogis often say that the path of mantra yoga might be the easiest and most beautiful.

Kriya Yoga is a yoga system, which was made public again in the 19th century by Mahavatar Goraksha Babaji and his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya. The practice relies on various levels of breathing techniques, mantras and mudras (body postures) to speed up the process of spiritual development, cleanse the energetic system, and awaken Kundalini Shakti.