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Hatha Yoga is a system practiced and transmitted by the Nath Yogis over the millennia. It serves to strengthen and recover the body and shows a way to master the life energy (Prana) through the control of the breath, whereby the state of transcendence (enlightenment) is achieved.


Meditation is, when the effort of concentration ceases and the mind flows uninterruptedly to the object of concentration. We offer you a step by step way of purifying and strengthening the mind and building the power of concentration, so that the state of meditation can arise easily.

Teacher Training

A yoga teacher training is just right for you, if you: • want to deepen your own practice • want to progress step by step • want to practice with the same group for a while • you want to share your joy of yoga with others


Kriya Yoga is a yoga system, which was made public again in the 19th century by Mahavatar Goraksha Babaji and his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya. The practice consists of various levels of techniques, to speed up the process of spiritual development, cleanse the energetic system, and awaken Kundalini Shakti.


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